National Union of Berry Producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an umbrella organization for the production of berry fruits in B&H


Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), as one of the leading nations in sustainable production, processing, and export of high quality berry fruits and berry fruit products produced under fair conditions and with fair revenues for the producing farmers.


To achieve the best valorisation and competitiveness of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s berry production through enhancing knowledge and strengthening capacity and coordination among all members within the respective value chains.

The National Union of Berry Producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NBU) is a national union of legal entities (associations and cooperatives) founded in 2014, by three associations with support from Caritas Switzerland (CaCH). Today, the NBU is composed of eight associations and cooperatives from all over B&H which operate in the value chain of berry fruit production.

The management of the Union consists of the President of the Union and the President of Management Board, which consists of representatives of associations from all over B&H.
Main reason for establishing the Union on a state level to serve as an umbrella organization is due to increased expansion of berry fruit, raspberries in particular. This ensures a better market position for domestic producers in both local and world markets.

The basic goals of the National Union of Berry Producers in B&H is:


To promote sustainable environmentally friendly and market oriented production of berries across all entities of B&H, which generates added value for the berry producers.


To promote production and marketing of berries and berry products on domestic and international markets, particularly through defining or contributing to the definition of guidelines for producing high quality products and promotion of systems of certification and traceability within the value chain.


To represent and advocate for the interest of the NBU’s members on national and international levels vis-à-vis other members of the value chain, and public and private advisory services.


To create competitive domestic and regional market demand through enhanced customer and consumer trust.

The method of joining the Alliance:

Association or cooperative can join the Union by submitting a request for membership. Upon the submitted request, the Union will contact the applicant with further instructions.
Membership in the Union functions on the principle of membership fees. When the association or cooperative becomes a member of the Union, they have the opportunity to delegate one representative to be a part of the Assembly of the Union.

Cold storages, nurseries, government institutions and other legal subjects that have an interest in being members of the Union may become a member but without the voting right.
Individuals can become members only through associations or cooperatives.


National Union of Berry Producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Džemala Bijedića 2
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Telefon/Fax: 033 645 105